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Radionics & Dowsing Institute 2016 Catalogue

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What is Radionics?

As many different wisdom traditions have taught us, each human has a magnetic field surrounding and penetrating the physical body. Each of us also has a gravitational field that extends outwards from the physical body, especially from the torso and head. In this way the human parallels the planet which has its own magnetic and gravitational fields

See EMF Balancing Technique - Radionics Catalogue - page 35

which energetically rewires within this field.

Radionics is an instrumented form of healing—that is a radionic device alters G1, moves outside of time and sets the magnetic possibility to take up a healing. The client typically provides the practitioner with a witness (usually a hair sample) that acts as a conduit of the signal. The witness and the client themselves are seen as occupying exactly the same space. Thus there is no need to send the broadcast out. In simple terms the operator, holding a pendulum over a chart, poses a series of questions to the higher self of the client, who is represented by the witness. Questions are then answered by a series of pendulum movements pointing to a specific answer on the chart. Healing results from a dynamic interaction between the practitioner who sets the intent using a Radionic device to carry a coded message (an inter-demensional mathematical formula) and the client who is healed. Healing occurs independent of space and time.

Some practitioners have explained that Radionics devices work by broadcasting energy patterns or coded messages through a network of ley lines or magnetic lines that run across the planet's surface. However, it is more likely that a multidimentsional "cosmic lattice" exists, which surrounds us and the Earth and reaches out into the universe. This lattice enables instantaneous electromagnetic communication to any point in the universe. As it's performed, the radionic treatment is simultaneously transferred to the client represented by the witness. Rather than a healing energy, the coded message of Radionics is a rebalancing of the electromagnetic field corresponding to the body, mind, or spirit of the client. In short, the coded message has a certain ability to 'remind' the consciousness or energy field of its correct and balanced setting.

The body and its cells must then integrate the healing. The encoded messages arrive in the body's lattice and are placed exactly in alignment with the intent of the treatment. The messages are then taken up by the client, or not. In other words, for healing to occur, the client's intent is also part of the healing.

The Willingness to Heal

One way to think of disease or predispositions to certain diseases is that we are born with certain "locks" pre-programmed into our various bodies. Think of it as arriving with your own blueprint. For example, some of us have built-in "locks" or keyholes for certain viruses so that when the virus comes along like a key that fits the lock, you get the illness associated with the virus. Some of us have locks that activate at certain ages or in certain situations. These locks or predispositions have been represented to us over the centuries in the form of psychological theories, philosophical analysis, astrology, miasms, karma and structure/function to name but a few. When confronted with a problem for which an immediate solution is not forthcoming,

Radionics believes it's necessary to access the lock (or karma, or the miasm or whatever you prefer to call it) and neutralize it to find complete solution. We have to release our idea of linear time: a treatment alters time as we usually think of it. To truly understand Radionics, you will know everything exists in the moment, the now—the problem and the solution. And that solution is dictated by our ability and willingness to exist in the solution here and now. The interdimensional formulas that Radionics work with offer the means to alter our blueprint and create a now of our own intent.

In other words, if the willingness to heal the — "I am healed" part — cannot be accessed it won't matter how many healers are sought out, the condition will not budge. The healer who will be successful is the one who can bring the client to a point of releasing that aspect of their blueprint and move their healing into the "now".

Time, Space, Physics

The advances that have been made in physics in the twentieth century are helping us understand a reality of the universe which is much closer to the way a Radionics practitioner might see things. Scientists are also aware, and to some extent are beginning to grapple with, the issue of consciousness and how consciousness affects not only reality but even scientific experiments and their observation and measurement. While this may be the new perspective in physics, it's considerably ahead of medicine. You might say medicine is still a couple of hundred years behind physics and is still operating largely from a Newtonian or reductionist view of the universe — a mechanical, physical, biochemical view of reality and illness. But Radionics is very much aligned with modern physics and can gather information about subtle energies in order to heal both the energetic and physical body. This isn't new knowledge. It existed in the technology of Atlantis/Lemuria, it survived in the technology of the cauldron, and it exists now, for those seeking solution, on a cellular level. Radionics may include treatment that uses frequencies of energy which correspond to organs, diseases, psychological states, elements, natural remedies (eg., herbal, homeopathic, flower nutritional) etc. allowing the user to create their own remedies and treatments.

What a Trained Practitioner can do with Radionics

  • Assess the health and well-being of others
  • Determine the primary cause of any illness or problem
  • Select the optimal remedy or treatment for any problem
  • Create the vibratory equivalent or any remedy or substance
  • Assess the needs of soil, plants, pets, crops etc.
  • Detect harmful energies or radiations in a house, apartment, farm
  • Conduct psychological assessments of clients, partners, etc.
  • Set up a consulting practice advising or treating others or carry out research on virtually any topic

Information for Beginners or New Practitioners

A number of the items in our catalogue are designed for beginners or those who just wish to get some introductory material in addition to our catalogue.

This includes items such as:

  1. book lists
  2. do's and don'ts
  3. published articles
  4. limitations on self-treatment
  5. results that might be achieved by beginners
  6. a sophisticated explanation of radionics
  7. 86 uses of radionics
  8. steps for beginners, models of practice
  9. an explanatory guide to items in the catalogue
  10. information on radionic equipment and other electro-medical systems
  11. "The Practical introduction to Radionics and Dowsing" previously mentioned on this page.
This may be ordered individually from our catalogue. If you would like to save time and get a 25% price reduction plus free postage, all of the items cited above can be ordered as a package without waiting for our catalogue. Simply request "item 100, radionic info kit" and send $29.95 in US funds

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